Dan & Kate Wexley

Always loving the way a photo preserved something special, even if it didn't seem very special at the time,  I began my career as a photographer right out of high school in 1997.   Here in the mountains of West Virginia, where Whitewater Rafting has become the norm (not to mention a popular tourist destination)  I took tourists' pictures while they were rafting on the New and Gauley Rivers.  Soon I was also working at the Register Herald Newspaper as a photographer, which required quite a different style.  With much training and patience from the staff there I eventually caught on and loved the challenge  of being assigned  something quite ordinary to photograph and yet making it look interesting and newsworthy for print.  I had done a few weddings here and there and found them quite challenging and stressful.  But after a while, they got easier and more fun.   I realized I had found my niche in the photography world when I started looking forward to each wedding and anticipating how I could make each wedding I shot better than the last.  I began shooting weddings exclusively in 2008.  My sister-in-law, Kari Garland,  who also had an interest in photography, joined me as an assistant in 2010 and quickly became more than an assistant.  She is great at catching candid moments and has quite an eye for detail.  Mostly importantly, she loves a good wedding almost as much as I do (maybe  a little more seeing how she usually cries a little at every father/daughter dance). 


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