What is a First Glance Session?

Simply put, it is the staging and photographing of the first meeting of the bride and groom early on the wedding day.   We pick a pretty place, with nice light and beautiful background.  And when everything is perfect we bring out the bride to meet her groom.  Voila!  It's quiet, simple,  sweet and beautiful.   Sometimes there are tears,  and there always great smiles, and lots of hugs, kisses, and laughs.   Very natural, no posing.  Next, we follow it up with some really pretty portraits of the bride and groom in a relaxed, romantic setting.  Then we bring out the wedding party and continue the photo shoot.  We can even do some of the family photos if time allows.   If everyone is ready and on time, it all takes about an hour.  Easy Peasy.  The pictures are always so beautiful and fun!  Keep in mind that guests start arriving about an hour before the ceremony.  So we want to have those photos all wrapped up before then.  We start 2 hours before the ceremony.

Just think about it,  getting everyone together for your wedding is like having  2 family reunions,  2 class reunions,  and a dinner party all at the same time!  And don't forget those vows!  Plus you and your honey are the guests of honor, so everyone wants to greet you, hug you, and congratulate you!   So why would we schedule an important photo session right in the middle of this???   My advice is to enjoy your friends and family,  you don't get to see them every day.   Take the pictures before the guests arrive.  

These are some very important photos.  You want them to be beautiful.  Remember they will be on your mantle for a long time to come.  Please give your photographer time to work her magic and make these beautiful.   


Must I do a First Glance Session on my wedding day?

Yes!!!!  Just kidding,  no, you don't have to.  It's your wedding day and we will work with your schedule.  And if you prefer the old school way, then so be it!   Just remember to schedule a block of time, at least an hour,  between the ceremony and reception for these important photos.  I like to start with the girls first, so they can have a breather before they walk down the aisle.  And the guys second, because usually guests start arriving while we are finishing up their pictures. 


Why choose to do the First Glance Session?

  There are so many good reasons  I feel I must let you in on why it's so great..........    

1)    The pictures are just better.  Expressions are more natural  in a private setting.  You are excited and thrilled to be seeing your honey.  Eager anticipation will show on your faces.   Not nerves and stiffness, like you might be in a crowded room with everyone watching.  

2)   Early in the day everything is fresher...........  your hair, your makeup, your dress,  your flowers, your smile, the light.  Everything.  You want to look your best for these photos, right??!?

3)   You get more bang for your buck.  More pictures in your gallery at the end of the day.  Lets face it, you've paid a lot of $$ to have professional photographer here,  so give them the time they need to work their magic!   If you give me an hour or two before the guests arrive,  you won't regret it!  Plus that's extra time  for me to snap photos of your friends and family later on.  More pictures!   

4)   It will ease your nerves.   Brides and Grooms are always nervous on their wedding day, crazy nervous!   It's only natural.     I've seen it so many times,  the nervousness builds and builds till that moment when you lock eyes on your honey.   And then it all goes away.  The relief will be all over your face.  Don't spend the better part of your wedding day a nervous wreck.   Enjoy your wedding day.  Lock those eyes early!

5)  It's great for the schedule.  All wedding photographers have a checklist of "must have" photos.  When you take the most important ones  early,  before your guests arrive,  it really frees everyone up.    The Bride and Groom get to actually enjoy the cocktail hour with their guests!!   (and you will really want a drink by then, trust me.)  And your photographer will be freed up and have more time for pictures of other people and details.  Once the "must have" shots are complete,  the photographer can now switch into "creative mode"  and capture some fun moments with your guests.  We won't have to rush through a checklist of photos that we've barely just begun, so we can get you to dinner on time.   Everyone will be more relaxed when they are not in a rush and on a tight schedule.  

6)  Finally,  you still get to have your big moment walking down the aisle.  Just with less stress.  I promise it won't be any less romantic!  

Here are a few examples................ 

First Glance Session

First Glance Session